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thinkPINKkids Mission/Vision
thinkPINKkids is a kid-initiated philanthropic organization with the vision to have active thinkPINKkids Clubs in every school across America.  Each club focuses on the thinkPINKkids Three-Fold Goal:

  1. Provide breast cancer education and awareness among youth and adults.
  2. Earn, raise, and donate money for breast cancer research.
  3. Partner with the community on common issues.

thinkPINKkids™ is a kid-initiated philanthropic organization with the vision to have active thinkPINKkids Clubs™ in every school and group across America.  The clubs focus on funding the cure for breast cancer, while educating and creating awareness among youth.

thinkPINKkids Clubs™ are organically formed in local schools and/or civic organizations as a way for kids to impact their community and world in several key areas:

  • The obvious reason for thinkPINKkids™ is supporting research that will eventually lead to the cure of breast cancer.  Breast cancer affects 1 out of 7 women.  At some point in every person’s life they will be impacted in some way by breast cancer and its devastating effects.
  • It teaches kids to think outside of themselves and into the greater community and world around them.
  • Children learn to give, because thinkPINKkids™ encourages kids to EARN money (independently and collectively) and then donate a portion or all to thinkPINKkids™ (Think Pink Foundation).  Giving a portion of money a child earns provides the valuable lessons of earning and giving -  looking beyond one’s self.
  • Understanding and learning how medical science is continually working to find a cure for cancer, types of medical procedures, tests, medicines, etc. doctors are researching, how they are testing, and headway they are making on finding a cure.
  • Awareness of breast cancer (and other cancers), early detection, and risk factors
  • Children will learn early that no matter how young they are they can contribute to public concerns and health issues.
  • Schools have many clubs, but there are very few clubs that are not ‘self-focused.’  thinkPINKkids is a club focused ‘outward.’

Each club will perform the following to maintain a club in good standing:

  1. Hold a minimum of four meetings per school year
  2. Have an adult Club Advisor (typically a parent or teacher)
  3. thinkPINKkids Clubs™ are asked to achieve the thinkPINKkids Three-Fold Goal
    a .Provide breast cancer education and awareness among youth and adults
    b. Earn, raise, and donate money for breast cancer research
    c. Partner with the community on common issues

How do you start a thinkPINKkids Club? Download the thinkPINKkids Starter Kit

The thinkPINKkids Starter Kit includes:

  • thinkPINKkids Club™ Overview
  • How to Get Your Club Started
  • thinkPINKkids Club™ Meetings
  • Submitting Donations
  • Resources
  • Seeking Corporate Sponsors
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Ideas for Earning Money
  • thinkPINKkids™ Membership Certificate
  • thinkPINKkids™ Donation Record Form
  • thinkPINKkids Club™ Application
  • thinkPINKkids™ 3-Fold Goals Chart

Download the Club Starter Kit today to start YOUR thinkPINKkids Club!

thinkPINKkids Success Stories…be prepared for inspiration!

thinkPINkids are making tracks! Here you’ll find frequent updates with success stories shared by members of various thinkPINKkids club members, pictures of events and activities, and stories of how kids are helping.

Recent Feature Success Story:
thinkPINKkids help Twin Cities Hope Lodge

The thinkPINKkids are dedicating time, service, and funds to the Twin Cities Hope Lodge youth recreation room located on the University of Minnesota campus. The Twin Cities Hope Lodge provides a home away from home for up to 40 adult cancer patients and their caregivers each night--all just a few blocks from the University of Minnesota's renowned cancer treatment clinics.
Hope Lodge guests build camaraderie with other cancer patients and focus on getting well. The youth recreation room has been designed for families visiting their loved ones going through cancer treatments.

Find a thinkPINKkids Club:

Official thinkPINKkids Clubs:

Olson Middle School - Bloomington MN
Jefferson High School - Bloomington MN
Girl Scout Troup #931
Normandale Hills Elementary
Kennedy High School
Nativity of Mary
Wellington High School
Wellington Landings Middle School
Binks Forest Elementary School
Bak Middle School of the Arts
Dreyfoos School of the Arts
Panther Run Elementary School
Wellington Elementary
New Horizons Elementary
Elbridge Gale Elementary
Hidden Oaks Elementary
Polo Park Middle School
Emerald Cove Middle School
Palm Beach Central High School
Everglades Elementary

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